Episode 20: The Brothers JM Show

On today’s episode we talk about one of Josh’s phobias, “Today I Learned,” and 10 reasons why people still live in Stockton.

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10 Reasons Why People Still Live in Stockton


Episode 19: The Brothers JM Show


Today on our podcast we talked about Jake’s minor surgery as well as our Indian Wells experience. We’ve also attached some photos for our trip.

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What’s going on everybody!! We are glad to finally have our own website up and running! On this website we’ll be posting mostly our podcasts along with the articles, if any, that we discuss during our show. Once in a while we might feel the urge to write a blog post, and maybe upload some of Josh’s more interesting vlogs 😉

Anyways, thanks so much for checking out our website!!! Oh! and the new iTunes feed will be up soon! In the mean time please come back since we will still be uploading new episodes on this website!!! 


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